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Dovetail was created decades ago with a singular focus: to put brands together for shared marketing programs. That focus has never wavered.

From founder Richard Hopkins (1983-2010), to Vicki Carlew (2010 to 2019), and now Kathleen (Katy) Suggett, our success has been built on three things:

-       Passion for making great partnerships

-       Candor that helps ensure everyone is happy with the results

-       Fun, because money isn’t everything!

Brands come to Dovetail to find partners for cross-merchandising partnerships that are often enhanced with shared social media, sampling, and joint advertising. The result is greater visibility and a sales lift, all for a fraction of the cost of typical marketing programs. 

At Dovetail, we focus on three tenets:

  1. Every brand is a client, no matter who is paying.
  2. Integrity is paramount.
  3. Work should be fun. So brace yourself, we’re going to want to be friends.