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Bad news for boring: Square Mile Cider + American Honey Bourbon

Posted November 22, 2016 by Vicki.

Both Square Mile Cider and American Honey Bourbon came to Dovetail wanting to showcase their flexibility as cocktail elements. These drinks are delightful on their own, of course, and had solid followings — but it was time to show consumers their more versatile side.

So we at Dovetail got to work building a promotional campaign that positioned these as not only great drinks, but elements of an amazing cocktail. To build this cross-promo, we capitalized on two big trends: craft brewing and mixology. Both trends started in upscale, urban areas — but they’ve found their way into the mainstream, and shoppers across the country are finding craft beer more approachable and mixology more fun than ever. With both trends in the mix, we knew it would be a hit.

American Honey is a smooth-yet-sweet bourbon that’s popular among millennials. Up-and-comer Square Mile Cider, from the Pacific Northwest, is a light and crisp cider. Good on their own, and even better together. The “Bad News for Boring” campaign was a big hit, putting these versatile drinks in front of new consumers.

American Honey and Square Mile were an ideal fit, and the results proved it. Shoppers saw how each brand played well with others. The cross-platform partnership built strong visibility through social media and in stores. Consumers enjoyed a new way to use some old favorites, and retailers saw higher basket rings to boot. Bad News for Boring was great news for both brands.


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