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Beyond the Bottle: Trends in Wine Packaging

Posted August 19, 2015 by Vicki.

Good things come in a wide variety of packages, and wine is no exception. Wineries are packaging their vino in innovative ways, and we’re excited to see how brands are thinking beyond the bottle. Stigma, step aside: unusual packaging no longer indicates low quality, but instead it’s a sign of unique wines. And many of these methods are no longer trends, but industry staples. Here are some ways wineries are breaking the bottle mold.




Boxed wine ain’t just for college kids anymore. Affordable, environmentally friendly and super portable, delightful wineries are thinking inside the box and consumers are reaping the benefits.


Synthetic corks

Designed to look and function like traditional cork, these synthetic corks (including Zorks) are designed to look and “pop” like their natural cousins. Advantages include affordability and recyclability.


Stacked singles

A bottle of wine separated into four stemless wine glasses, stacked singles snap apart for a convenient and take-it-anywhere experience. A four-pack has the same volume as a traditional bottle of wine. No corkscrew and no glasses required! And they’re perfect for occasions that call for just a glass (or two).



Soda and beer, step aside: wine can play the game too. Especially hot in the sparkling wine space, canned wine stands up to the test. Particularly for those new to the world of wine, it’s an approachable way to dip your toes in. And it’s ready to travel anywhere.


Tetra Packs

These cartons are eco-smart: made mainly from paper, they’re easy to produce and the savings are passed along to the consumer. And it’s a convenient choice because it’s easily resealable, so any leftover wine is just as good the next day.


New packaging is making wine more inviting than ever, and consumers are taking notice. The bottle is really just the beginning.

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