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Case Study: The Christmas connection with Robert Mondavi Private Selection and Brownie Brittle

Posted January 27, 2016 by Vicki.

Holiday parties brought more than just family and friends together this season. Chocolate and wine, you did it again.

When Robert Mondavi Private Selection wines came to us looking for a sweet partner, we knew just who to team them up with: delicious, delectable Brownie Brittle and their holiday flavors. Sprinkle in a little bit of cheer and holiday warmth and you’ve created a memorable pairing experience which included a crafty ugly sweater koozie to dress up every bottle of Robert Mondavi Private Selection. Everyone was ready to head to the next party.



Brownie Brittle is for lovers of the crispy, outer edge of brownies (you know who you are), and for anyone who loves a good taste of chocolate. These tasty snacks are designed to be delicious, but (bonus) are also diet friendly. Perfect for holiday indulging with a little less guilt!

The key to cross-merch success is visibility, and that’s another reason why this pair was such a hit. With two displays in every store — one near the sweet snacks and one in the wine section — nothing could hold back the holiday spirit duo. Ugly sweaters and snowflake-drizzled Brownie Brittle? We knew this would be one to remember.

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