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Case Study: Food Should Taste Good + The Dreaming Tree Wine

Posted February 3, 2016 by Vicki.

We’ve all met the two-peas-in-a-pod types, right? They like the same things, do the same things . . . sometimes they even look alike. Yeah, you’re cute couples. But sometimes it’s not just what you like that connects you. Sometimes, the best pairs come together over what they stand for. And that was just the kind of partnership we created when matching Dreaming Tree wines and Food Should Taste Good® chips.

At face value, it was a match made in heaven: salty snack meets smooth wine. But the real chemistry happened because of what each brand values. Both companies are committed to sustainability and to creating natural and organic deliciousness.

The Dreaming Tree is a joint endeavor created by co-conspirators Dave Matthews (yes, THE Dave Matthews of Dave Matthews Band) and Sean McKenzie, both who deeply care for the environment. So in their view, how the wine is bottled and transported is just as important as what is poured into the wine glass. That’s why they take great care to label each bottle with 100% recycled kraft brown paper. Plus, their bottles are a quarter pound lighter than normal, which means it takes fewer resources to make them, and less fuel to transport the wine from their vineyard in California to your table. Sustainability is pretty sweet.



So why pair this smooth wine with salty chips? For starters, Food Should Taste Good® is equally passionate about creating a quality product. Their chips are non-GMO, have zero trans fats, no cholesterol, and are certified gluten free and Kosher (that’s a lot of healthy). And the best part?

These chips are made with real ingredients!



Tasty is only the beginning. Not only are the Dreaming Tree and Food Should Taste Good unified by their stellar taste, they’re joined by their hearts for leaving this world a little better than they found it.

Together, both brands saw great exposure and heightened sales. But not only that — Dovetail’s perfect pairing between Dreaming Tree and Food Should Taste Good® allowed consumers to easily follow Dave Matthew’s instructions from his popular song Tripping Billies when he sings, "Eat, drink and be merry!”

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