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Celebrating Heroes

Posted November 19, 2014 by Vicki.

Now through December 31, 2014, Dovetail pledges to donate 5% of any fees generated by signed partnership agreements to FISH — that's the Food Industry Serving Heroes. 

Tis the start of the season of celebrations. We’re all about the family gatherings here at Dovetail, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s and everything in between. But it’s also the time of year to give back. Last week marked Veteran’s Day, and we at Dovetail are humbled to be new, if modest (for now) supporters of FISH — that's the Food Industry Serving Heroes — all season long.

Alongside the manufacturers, retailers and others in our industry, we contribute to FISH's mission to provide active duty military, veterans and their families with wheelchairs, service dogs, financial literacy programs and jobs in the food industry. Partnerships are our focus 365 days a year, but this season brings new meaning to the power of a good pairing.

All of us on the Dovetail team have a personal connection to the military. In our families, we have three veteran dads, one veteran cousin, one veteran father-in-law and one veteran grandfather. We’re also grateful for those currently serving — we have one nephew in the Navy and one niece and nephew who are Lieutenants in the Army (see their smiling faces!). We're thankful for their selfless contributions.


To help you get in the holiday giving spirit with us, Dovetail pledges to donate 5% of any fees generated by signed partnership agreements through the remainder of 2014 to FISH. So if you're a brand thinking of teaming with one of our clients, now's the time! Get started here.

Seize the season and jump into a partnership with an organization you care about. Whether it is FISH or another organization, there are no pairings we like better than those that make our world a better place.


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