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A Day in the Life of a Brand Matchmaker

Posted August 24, 2016 by Vicki.

Some aspects of brand matchmaking are all instinct — you just know the sparks will fly. But it usually takes good old-fashioned hard work, every day, to make the brand magic happen. We’re excited to share a glimpse of how we spend our days at Dovetail. Come behind the scenes as we reveal a day in the life of a brand matchmaker.

  1. First things first: roll out of bed and dive into email. We check in on current promotions, ensuring that each is going smoothly. We joke that we’re waiting for that dreaded “coupon emergency” to happen — but it never has. What can we say, we’re experts at sweating the small stuff.

  2. The task list. Each partnership has plenty of moving parts, and we coordinate every aspect. From gathering product shots to crafting offer language and acquiring legal copy, matchmaking is a constant stream of deadlines and to-dos. Anyone who says you can’t hurry love hasn’t met us!

  3. The fun stuff: relationship building! It’s why we love our jobs. We spend a good chunk of our days making phone calls and sending emails, answering questions and starting new conversations, all with the goal of bringing brands together. At Dovetail, we’re proud of our database, with 7,000+ brands and counting. We don’t buy lists (never have), because we want it to be personal. If we’re not already friends with the right match, we will be soon. No call from Dovetail is a cold call — We develop friendships because we’ve always got our brands’ backs. No matter who’s footing the bill, our goal is to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the promotion.

  4. Homework. Who’s buying what? What’s next on the food and beverage horizon? We invest time to stay on top of everything in our industry, because knowing trends helps us serve our brands well.

  5. Travel! Not every day is spent in the office. We’re regulars at food shows, meeting and greeting our food and beverage partners. We love meeting with our ad agency — even though we’re in marketing, we don’t always have time to market ourselves. And you’ll want to get out your hankies for this one: we must make the occasional trip to  Napa to talk to some of our winery partners. It’s hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  6. Recon: Lots of this takes place outside the 9-5. A trip to the grocery store gets our wheels turning. We never pick up just what we need . . . we’re always finding a wine to pitch or a snack to pair. The best moment is finding that great new snack in a free-standing display in Deli: partner gold!

No matter the time of day, we’re all about relationships — and fun. People matter, and building relationships doesn’t always have to be business as usual. As brand matchmakers, we love making it personal and making it fun. All in a day’s work at Dovetail.

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