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The Dovetail 5: How to make tailgating work for your brand

Posted October 1, 2014 by Vicki.

Touchdowns aren’t just for the quarterbacks. Tailgating gives your brand so many opportunities for visibility and heightened sales. Here’s your Dovetail Five on how to make tailgating work for your brand . . .

1.     Think in pairs. Obviously, we’re fans of a good match around here. So think 1+1. If you’re a dip, salsa, sauce or condiment, think vehicle. Your great pair might be a pita, chip, cracker, tortilla or pretzel . . . and we haven’t even talked sandwiches or burgers yet. A tailgate promo works well when you fill in that pairing blank.

2.     Tailgating is bigger than barbecue. Game schedules are anyone's guess, so why shouldn’t your brand get a little play? Breakfast brands fit so well in the brunch tailgating zone, for instance. Mimosas, anyone?

3.     Hot dogs and burgers are classics for a reason. But to make the tailgate theme work for your brand, dream outside those basics. Think modern. What about a barbecue chicken flatbread? We know dozens of brands to fit that bill.

4.     Cheers to more than beers. Beer is an obvious choice for tailgaters. But wine and liquor, you can still grab center stage. Extend the theme to other tailgate drink selections. What about an easy, two-ingredient cocktail? Maybe an easy-sipping wine? Drinks of so many varieties are welcome.

5.     Easy upgrades = crowd pleasers. Fall is a crazy season, but consumers still want to bring something great to the table. Your brand wins when you present an easy but impressive solution to consumers. Make this happen by upgrading a tailgate standard with something special. Think burgers with a gourmet cheese, grilled chicken breast topped with a unique aioli, fresh veggies with a flavorful dip . . . with easy upgrades, basics become something conversation-worthy.

Tailgating season offers so many opportunities for brand pairing success. Looking for the right brand partner? We'd love to help.

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