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The Dovetail 5: Reasons to love wine (and beer, and tequila)

Posted August 27, 2014 by Vicki.

It still surprises us when a CPG brand says no to an in-store wine partnership. There are SO many reasons to say yes. Here are our top five:

1.     They do everything. The wine, liquor and beer companies design. They print. They sell the program to retailers to get commitment for displays. They ship the coupons and signage. So what does the partner do? Just sign on the dotted line, send us a few assets and approve the final product. 

2.     They pay for everything. Maybe not always, but ALMOST always. Thanks to those pesky state-by-state liquor laws (one reason we’re moving from KS to CA!), wines truly need partners if the wine is to stand out in stores. 

3.     They extend your in-store reach. At minimum, the wines will place neckers in the wine aisle — that’s YOUR brand featured on coupons hanging on the bottles. Ideally, the wine will be sold in a big case display right by the front doors. Either way, your brand is now visible in at least twice as many places as usual.


4.     They give consumers new reasons to buy. First, because the consumer might think “Hey, if I buy this wine, I can save $1.50 on turkey? Sweet!” Secondly, these neckers often feature one or more recipes, with your brand as the key ingredient. How else would we have learned that Kaukauna® cheese makes a great topping for burgers?

5.     Extensions are limited only by your imagination. Do you have shippers for your product? Let’s build a wine display next to them, or put your shippers near the wine! Create a store-specific ad to catch the consumers pre-shop, and then grab them in the aisle with shelf talkers. Add sampling in key stores . . . we could go on and on.

These five benefits apply to wine, beer and even hard liquor programs (where states allow).

You can see why we scratch our heads sometimes when a brand says no — but we’re not deterred. We know these programs are useful, easy (because Dovetail stays in the middle) and inexpensive. 

It’s a no-brainer, really, and always a win-win.

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