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Dovetail's Top 10 Pairings of 2015

Posted December 11, 2015 by Vicki.

2014’s list was pretty awesome — but in 2015, we think we took it to a whole new level. As always, the rankings are subjective and there was some internal dispute (it’s GOOD to be the boss!). So, drumroll please . . . here are Dovetail’s Top 10 Favorite Pairings of 2015!


10. Light and Bright for Spring . . .

Lindemans has a thing for sprucing up spring with citrus and healthy proteins for delicious grilling. We added shrimp to their already stellar lineup of lemons, oranges and pork, offering shoppers lots of inspiration when taking the cover off that grill.  


9. Building that Ever-Better Burger

Sutter Home© wine is known for their long-standing Build A Better Burger promotion.  We humbly added a healthy side, Alexia© Sweet Potato Fries. Honestly, what’s a burger without fries?  

8. Keeping the Magic Going

What’s better than a great partner for a promotion? A great partner for THREE promotions! There is no more versatile salsa than Mrs. Renfro’s©, with their wide array of flavors. We teamed them with Gnarly Head® for the Big Game. And then for spring, we set Mrs. Renfro’s up with sister wine Bota Box® in Walmart. After all, you can’t have too much salsa in the house. (Or wine, for that matter.)



7. A Crispy Big Game with Lots of Flavors

Corona© beers (Extra and Light) know a good utility player when they see one, and they saw one in Pretzel Crisps® (you can top them with just about anything!). Pretzel Crisps flooded the field with all their yummy flavors, keeping Corona fans satisfied with their snacks. Smart play, Corona!


6. Holidays Without Cocktails? Never!

Freixenet Cava mixes well with most anything (trust us, we’ve tried), but when they teamed with ©Old Orchard Pomegranate juice, the result was pure genius. Try the Pomegranate Cava Martini (we think the sprig of rosemary is the key).


5. A Cinco de Mayo Classic

When we think of Cinco de Mayo, we think beer, tacos, guacamole and chips. So does Corona! The perfect partner in full agreement was Mission Tortillas and Chips. Add a generic coupon for produce, and you’ve got yourself a Cinco party full of coupons. Ole!

4. A Tradition, a Classic, and a Bonus Round … We go Clos-du-Bois-Crazy!

©Clos du Bois is a great go-to wine, a true classic, which called for some real classic partners. For the holiday, we brought in Hormel® Cure 81 Ham and the ever-necessary DOLE® Canned Pineapple. Clos added a recipe for classic baked ham. For snacking, sometimes only the classic cheese-and-crackers will do, and Alouette® and Chavrie cheeses topped the cheese list for Clos. And as for holiday leftovers? Take your Hormel Cure 81 Ham, put it on a Kings Hawaiian® bun, set out some Alouette cheese, and you’ve got yummy sammies. To top it off, Clos du Bois shared four sandwich recipes, one to go with each varietal. (See how we slipped in three partnerships? “Top 13 List” just isn’t as catchy.)


3. Beer, Cider, Wild Turkey . . . yeah, we went there.

Mixology is the big deal these days, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy some cool creativity. That’s what we did in spades with Wild Turkey’s American Honey liqueur, Square Mile Cider, and KCCO Gold Lager. The resulting drink recipes were outrageously good. We mean really, really good.  


2. Great Holiday Snacking with Some Ugly Sweaters

One of our absolute favorite snacks is Brownie Brittle ™, and we’re not alone. So we were thrilled to team them with Robert Mondavi Private Select wine (RMPS for short) for a holiday party that’s one for the books. Brownie Brittle features special flavors for the holiday, and while anything chocolate goes with wine, this was a truly special pairing. And it is still in stores, so keep an eye out! RMPS even created some actual ugly sweaters for the event, so if you happen to see the RMPS or Brownie Brittle folks at a holiday party, you might just spy a sweater.

. . . and the Number Uno Pairing?


1. A Blockbuster of a Block Party

Number one was a tough call, but all of the buzz that surrounded Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi’s Summer promotion helped them take the top spot. Hebrew National® Hot Dogs were the central point of the plate, but when we added bowls of Chex Mix™, plus Inglehoffer™ mustards to top the dogs, you’re talking a backyard of fun pairings.  Woodbridge celebrated it with lots of social media, including a fantastic video.  Makes you long for summer, right?



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