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Dynamite chip-and-dip duos

Posted March 20, 2015 by Vicki.

Today is March 23, National Chip & Dip Day. So it seems appropriate to ponder the dizzying but delicious array of chip-and-dip options. (This took us on a brief tangent, recalling alternate terms for another classic combo, Surf & Turf. Such as Foam & Loam, Lasso & Sargasso, Boat & Oat*.) But then we got back to the question at hand: What makes the best chip-and-dip combination?

The answer? It’s 100% subjective. One woman’s Ruffles & cottage cheese (you know who you are) is another’s Snyder’s Sourdough Pretzels & Kaukauna Sharp Cheddar (not saying who likes that last one, but try it, it’s amazing!). 

We conducted an unscientific survey in the Dovetail offices and found some interesting favorite combinations. They include:

  • Pretzel Crisps and, we kid you not, applesauce
  • Pita chips & hummus
  • Beanitos chips and Mrs. Renfro's salsa (shameless shout-out to some favorite brands)
  • Saltines with fresh lemon squeezed over them

Care to share yours? Is so, please send a short email to, and make sure to use brand names. We will share your suggestions with the brands involved, and if they like them, maybe they’ll come up with a prize or two. If so, we promise to share.

* Sailing, by Henry Beard, Roy McKie

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