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Fire Up the Inspiration

Posted May 21, 2014 by Vicki.

Working with wine and foods might sound like fun — and it is. But to stay on top of our matchmaking game, we’re always on the hunt for that next great brand or idea.

To get inspired, we like to get our feet on the street. We visit grocery stores and trade shows . . . and fire stations. 

You read that right: fire stations. Inspiration can come from the unlikeliest places.

On a recent lake vacation, we watched in awe as a fire captain buddy came up with food combinations on the grill that our clients will love. He said feeding all those hungry firefighters on the cheap has led him to create some great recipes. This particular captain has agreed to let us follow him on his next shopping trip.

We are working on excellent reasons to meet him at the station, not the store.  Around lunch time. For research.

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