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Go big (and often) or go home

Posted July 23, 2014 by Vicki.

The simplest one-to-one pairings are often the most effective, even the most elegant. We like them, and we do a lot of them.

But sometimes, you just need to go for broke. That's love, right? We go all in. That’s certainly true if you’re a brand competing for floor space in retailers, lusting for those eye-catching floor displays in high-competition sales windows (pick a holiday!). 

While we never can predict what will turn a retailer from “maybe” to “you betcha!” in committing space to a cross-merch program, we do know a few things can turn the tide. Simply put? Go big (and often) or go home. How to do this?

First, impact the basket ring. By definition, any cross-merch program in a grocery store will encourage additional purchase. So if our wine offers $1 off cheese, that impacts the basket ring — a block of cheese plus that wine and everybody wins. But we think going big can make a big difference. A $10 combined savings, in contrast, gets a lot more attention from the retailer and the consumer. It's the difference between the wallflower and the social butterfly . . . and we all know who gets more eyeballs!

And our second tip: be consistent. When a program gets repeated every year, less effort is needed to convince retailers to commit to that program. In the spirit of if it ain't broke, don't fix it, retailers have an idea of how it will look, trust the quality of the offer and know they can count on good results. 

Still unconvinced? We've got more than a few success stories up our sleeves. We have seen many examples of success in multi-year promos, including Rex Goliath for tailgate (if you saw the dsplays, you remember them!) and Chateau St. Jean, making noise AND making money for charity with their October partnership with Sheryl Crow. These are just two of many.

Let's look at two brands who've put this strategy into practice in a big way, and seen big results . . . 

Sutter Home’s Build a Better Burger campaign is a perennial favorite for good reason. Trinchero Family Estates has been running this program, complete with a burger recipe contest and a cook-off at their facility in Sonoma, for more than two decades!  It’s no wonder they get such fantastic displays, in key retailers, year after year. Just look at Sutter Home’s 2014 line-up of partners, offering as much as $8.50 in IRC savings on great burger buddies:

  • Alexia potatoes
  • Claussen pickles
  • King’s Hawaiian buns
  • Pabst Blue Ribbon beer
  • PAM grilling spray
  • President cheese



Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi's Holiday Table is another prime example of big partnerships with big results. For consumers shopping for their Thanksgiving meal, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi offered $4.50 in IRC savings last November on some great traditional ingredients, including:

  • Butterball Turkey
  • Spice Islands’ Turkey Brine Kit, Turkey Spice Kit, Cider Mulling Kit and seasonings
  • Mrs. Smith’s Pies
  • Edwards Pies

Both programs are getting great retailer support and are loved internally. Bigger still, they are loved by consumers. We're not ones to keep secrets, but we have to here . . . wish we could share the redemption stats! Suffice it to say, things went very, very well. 

Why the success? We think it's because they went big. Need that go-big-or-go-home-advantage? We're here to help. Get in touch with us for big brand partnerships.


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