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Hamming it up big time!

Posted March 25, 2015 by Vicki.

It can be magic when traditional meets creative.

Traditional, in this particular blog case, is pineapple rings on your ham for Easter. Remember those glazed hams all gussied up, complete with maraschino cherries? We do too. Not exactly considered the gourmet approach by some these days, but that little something extra makes it festive, and it’s a classic for a reason: it’s delicious.

To make real partnership magic, there’s nothing like pulling out all the stops. Take, for example, how Clos du Bois wine is hamming it up with Cure 81 ham (see what we did there?) and Dole for spring.

The wine teamed with these two iconic brands for Easter, a solid and classic partnership for sure. But Clos du Bois didn’t stop there. They created the Clos du Bois Spring in Sonoma Social Media & Sweeps Promotion. It’s as big as it sounds, an online experience that takes the partnership to great heights. Hamming it up big time!



The hook is the grand prize: a trip for two to Sonoma, California. To enter, consumers answer trivia questions, and with each correct answer, they win recipes from Hormel and DOLE, and points for additional entries. This encourages consumers to repeatedly engage: to post DOLE and Hormel recipes on the consumer’s own social media site, and to go to the store for recipe needs. But there’s nothing traditional about the reach . . . we think 1.5 million qualified wine consumers is nothing to squeal about (see what we did there again?).

Yes, it can be magic when traditional meets creative. Cheers!



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