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How We Met — Stories of Brand Love, Part 1: No Budget for You!

Posted December 3, 2014 by Vicki.

We at Dovetail keep beating the “it’s all about relationships” drum because it’s a key reason that we’re able to succeed for our clients. 
But there are times that a brand relationship begins or blossoms in an unusual way, and those always stand out.
We’re all about getting caught in brand romance . . . so welcome to How We Met, our stories of finding brand love.

Judging by the sheer number of jars of Mrs. Renfro’s salsas and sauces that line most grocery shelves, you’d think Renfro Foods was a Fortune 100 company. But as we chatted up a (now favorite) Renfro family member that first time, it was clear that he saw the value of tie-in partnerships, but as a small family company, didn’t have the big love budget. Undaunted, we explained the beauty of our wine tie-ins and the low cost to him for participating. Within a year, we had teamed a Mrs. Renfro’s salsa with a favorite wine. 

Many months later, we pushed for another program (salsas are HOT!) and hoped to set ourselves apart from all the other offers hitting his inbox. So we wrote: Mr. Renfro, while we’re painfully aware that you don’t pay agency fees, we have a wine program that we think would be ideal for you. Can we send details?

We got a rapid, friendly and humor-filled response. The program got the green light, and our relationship was sealed.

Setting oneself apart and solidifying a relationship isn’t about spin. If you are interested in the people you meet, respect what they can and can’t do, find ways to make it all work AND be reasonable about what you need to get out of the arrangement financially, success is much easier to come by.  And it is much more fulfilling.

The next time you open a jar of salsa — and we hope at least sometimes that salsa is Mrs. Renfro’s! —think about the importance of real relationships and how magical they can be, even those that are all business.

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