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How We Met Stories of Brand Love, Part 2: A little gassy

Posted January 28, 2015 by Vicki.

We at Dovetail keep beating the “it’s all about relationships” drum because it’s a key reason that we’re able to succeed for our clients. But there are times that a brand relationship begins or blossoms in an unusual way, and those always stand out. We’re all about getting caught in brand romance . . . so welcome to How We Met, our stories of finding brand love.

Many brand relationships are memorable due to how they started, or because they progressed from good business connections all the way to good friendship. Some, however, stand out for reasons oddly unique to them. One of our favorites is our relationship with the folks at Champignon, makers of Cambozola cheese (our hands-down favorite – more about that later).

Our first encounter with Champignon was notable because we’re ALWAYS looking for cheese, and because they were the makers of Cambozola (really, it’s amazing!). Another year and another trade show later, as we were gushing about the future possibilities for their new Rougette Grill Meister Grilling Cheese (cheese you can put on the grill!), they offered a tasting. Sadly, we admitted our body’s routine rejection of lactose.

Gleefully, the CEO shared, “Cambozola is lactose-free!” It’s not something they aspired to for the brand, and they don’t even market that fact. It’s just something that happens in the process of making that blend. We left their booth and the food show giddy at the prospect of eating as much of our favorite cheese as we liked.


A month later, we sent the following email to our buddies at Champignon. “Thanks so much for the news that Cambozola is lactose-free. We have been enjoying it regularly and recently learned that it is fantastic with a bit of candied ginger on top. That said, we do blame you for the five pounds we have gained since the show.”

When we walked up to their booth at the next year’s show, one employee said to another, “You remember Vicki. She’s the one who gained five pounds after we told her about Cambozola!”

It is always nice — and important — to be remembered.


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