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It IS personal . . . not just business

Posted November 11, 2014 by Vicki.

We can be unabashed nerds, and we’re not afraid to admit it. Committing to the moment with a budding personal OR business relationship can truly enhance the experience. . . and we’re not afraid to have a little fun.

Since we’re in the business of matchmaking, we love to inject a little personality. Case in point: our first visit to Kraft headquarters. You can TRY to be all business, but when faced with a life-size Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile, who wouldn’t get a little giddy?

Seeing the magic that is Kraft’s front lawn, our conversation shifted from key talking points to planning our post-meeting photo shoot. Posing on a date with Mr. Peanut! Getting silly with some Kraft Mac ‘N Cheese bits! Mock crashing through the wall of the lobby with the awesome Kool Aid pitcher!

Once inside, we were upfront about our reaction to the Weiner Mobile sighting. The Kraft team agreed, happily sharing that they never get tired of seeing that famous rolling hot dog drive through town.

Later, ice broken after a successful meeting, we awkwardly asked the attendees if anyone’s office happened to face the front of the building. When they looked puzzled, we admitted, “Because we are about to make complete fools of ourselves posing for photos out there.” And we did exactly that. 

We have embraced the moment with many new and existing brands, from sticking our heads in a Ménage a Trois cut-out, tasting some HOT authentic Mexican hot sauces to posing next to more vineyard signs in Napa and Sonoma than we’d care to admit.

It’s in that spirit of fun that we love sending our Happier Hour emails. Happier Hour is a tried-and-true tradition, a tradition we love. So for us, it’s fun to share a little something to brighten your day, make you laugh or share a new favorite treat. We consider it the next best thing to clinking glasses with you at your favorite happy hour spot. (And if we’re in your neighborhood, tell us where the best happy hour is and we’ll meet you there!)

Everyone at Dovetail has worked in a business-y business, if you get our drift.  Now we’re all about the relationships — and the fun. People matter, and building relationships doesn’t always have to be business as usual. Making it personal and making it fun works for us. 

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