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Meet your Matchmaker: Eva Brodzik

Posted September 7, 2016 by Vicki.

We at Dovetail are experts in brand matchmaking — and now, we're introducing you to the pros who make the matches. Meet Eva Brodzik.

Before Dovetail: Eva has been in sales for most of her career. After launching her career in sales for Xerox, she continued on to several organizations in the telecom industry, working in technical B2B sales for high-speed internet. Her last role before Dovetail was with a financial advising training company. “All my sales roles had been in intense, high-pressure environments,” Eva says. “I was successful, but I was ready to do something more fun than copy machines and wireless internet and financial advising.”

What brought her to Dovetail: Years earlier, Eva’s wife Kelly had hired Dovetail President Vicki Carlew for a previous role, and they stayed in touch long after leaving the organization. One evening, Kelly told Eva about Vicki’s new business, Dovetail. “Right away, I said, ‘You’re kidding! That’s perfect!’ I wanted to do something more creative, and I wanted to work with someone I trusted, someone who ran her company the right way.” Vicki had an opening for a salesperson, and the rest is matchmaking history.

Why she loves being a brand matchmaker: Cheese and crackers is only the beginning, Eva says. “My role allows me to be a bit more creative. Sometimes our clients will come to us with a basic concept, but we’re able to take it to new heights and create that perfect match.

Best match she ever made: Eva points to the Dreaming Tree and Food Should Taste Good partnership. “It’s healthy and it's munchy,” she smiles. “It was a perfect match and both brands had that same vibe.”

The one that got away: Eva’s favorite cocktail is no ordinary vodka soda — it’s Ketel One Vodka and Pellegrino. A partnership between a premium vodka and Pellegrino or Perrier tops Eva’s matchmaking bucket list!

Looking for love in all the wrong places: In the food and beverage industry, brand managers rarely stick with one brand their whole career. But Eva enjoys maintaining those relationships no matter what, and she sometimes finds brand love in an unexpected place. “I met a brand manager with General Mills who focused on a kid-oriented brand, so it wasn’t a fit for beer or wine and we weren’t able to work together at that time. But we kept in touch, and when she was moved to the Chex Mix account, we were finally able to build that perfect brand partnership!”

Outside work: She’s a news junkie — Eva loves staying on top of all things politics. But on football Sundays, politics takes a backseat to her hometown favorite, the Kansas City Chiefs. “To celebrate each game, I make a food that the opposing team’s city is known for.” Think smoked salmon for the Seattle Seahawks, deep dish pizza for the Chicago Bears, clam chowder for the Baltimore Ravens and philly cheesesteak for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Favorite drink: Everyone in the food and beverage industry has a favorite. Champagne is Eva’s favorite for special events, but when she orders a cocktail it’s an upscale vodka soda — Ketel One and Pellegrino.

Best tip for a lasting love connection: Love works best when the sum is greater than the parts, she smiles. “The best partnerships are the win-wins,” she says. “Both for brand partners and life partners, it works best when both people feel equally supported.”

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