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Meet Your Matchmaker: Katy Suggett

Posted May 7, 2020 by KatyS.

We at Dovetail are experts in brand matchmaking — and now, we're introducing you to the pros who make the matches. Meet Katy Suggett, Dovetail’s Chief Matchmaker (hey, it’s a fun way to say “owner”).

Before Dovetail: Katy was previously in channel marketing before purchasing Dovetail from Vicki. Her experience with independent retailers has translated into creative flexibility with each client’s needs. “I love that there isn’t a rigid manual for each match – each one is its own dynamic relationship. Every match is a new challenge that demands adaptation,” Katy reflects.

What brought her to Dovetail: Vicki and Katy go way back (well, kind 0f). Katy married one of Vicki’s favorite nephews (but who’s keeping score?!) a few years prior to her acquisition of Dovetail. While visiting her husband’s family in California, Katy met Vicki for the first time, “We were chatting one evening when Vicki mentioned she owned a niche marketing business that mainly works with wines. I remember in that instance thinking I’d LOVE to be a part of that, but we live on the opposite sides of the country.” When Vicki started talking retirement, Katy expressed her interest in Dovetail. After working side-by-side for a time, Katy purchased the business from Vicki and hit the ground running. The rest is matchmaking history.

Why she loves being a brand matchmaker: “I’ve always enjoyed grocery shopping and scouting out what’s new in stores. Combining that with Dovetail makes it a labor of love,” she smiles. “It’s satisfying to see a match play out and know you had a hand in bringing them together.”

Favorite drink: Everyone in this industry has a favorite. As a Midwesterner living in the South, she prefers a mix of sweet and unsweet iced tea.

How she met her match: Katy met her husband shortly after moving from Ohio down to North Carolina. She was not on the look-out for a relationship, but the day she met him she knew that changed. “We had been dating for two weeks when Sean proposed to me. The scariest part for me wasn’t how quickly it happened – but how sure I was when I said yes!” About five months later, they married in a small ceremony at the Disney Wedding Pavilion on the grounds of the Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando, FL.

Outside work: Katy loves spending time with her family — husband Sean, son Aiden, and daughter Gwendolyn. You will most likely find the four of them squeezed together on the couch watching The Lego Batman Movie.

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