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The Mocktail Moment

Posted July 5, 2016 by Vicki.

Mocktails (that’s “mock” + “cocktail”) have a Shirley Temple-style stigma — a little too sweet, a little too predictable. But today’s mocktails are growing up, and the virgin cocktail is having its time in the spotlight.

We have the health and wellness movement to thank for the mocktail trend. Ask for a soda and you’re not just picking Sprite or Coke. Bartenders and party-throwers alike are offering gourmet lemonades, fresh juices and vinegary shrubs. Booze-free, yes — but boring, no. Forget the kiddie cocktails you had growing up. Think lavender lemonade, fresh pineapple sparklers and Italian cream sodas!

Bartenders who craft these mocktails claim it takes even more talent, skill and knowledge. After all, alcohol by nature has a kick to it . . . which means alcohol-free drinks call for the freshest and brightest flavors. Bars everywhere from Austin to London are even hosting booze-less happy hours to showcase these artisanal mocktails.

Home entertaining has caught onto the trend as well. Stunning mocktails can be created with just a few ingredients. We love combining an Izze Soda with our favorite fresh juice and fresh basil. A fancy-yet-easy cranberry sparkler starts with Old Orchard Cranberry Juice, plus a splash of club soda — and don’t forget the rosemary!

So how can your brand win with the mocktail trend? We at Dovetail can help. Let us craft the cross-merch, tie-in program or promotion your brand needs for star exposure.

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