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No Shovel Needed: Surviving Christmas in California

Posted December 9, 2014 by Vicki.

Ah, the magic of Christmas. Watching snow fall gently outside. Warming hands before a warm fire. Donning sunglasses and shorts for an afternoon cocktail in the sun . . . oh yeah, we’re in CALIFORNIA now. 

If you missed our October 29 blog post, you missed the news that we added an office in Southern California. We still have snow tools in the back of the SUV, which reminds us of the time we were caught unprepared for our first outside-the-Golden-State snowstorm. We bought a spatula to clear the windshield. (Don’t worry, we now only use spatulas for making Chex Mix.)

So here we are in California . . . loving the warm, sunny walks, but missing the best of a Midwest Christmas. This season, we’re discovering that it’s the traditions that matter, not where you celebrate them.

Here’s how we plan to survive the holidays in such harsh — okay, okay, 70s and sunny — conditions:

1. Take on a new tradition . . .  we’re dreaming of white beaches. Christmas is busting out all over the beaches and bays here, so we are going to spend the holidays outside. The folks in Naples decorate their houses in big crazy ways, so you’ll find us walking the canals to see it all.  We’ll probably catch a lighted boat parade or two as well.

2. We can't forget the classics. Eggs and mimosas on Christmas morning . . . family favorites, like German sausages and Polish kielbasa . . . the holiday means something different for everyone and we'd never miss those traditions.

3. Cheat a little. If you keep the gas fire down low, and crack the windows, it’s easy to create that cozy feeling. Pour yourself a glass of something festive. Mulled wine is a festive choice — and the cinnamon sticks are just what a California Christmas calls for. Even easier? Crack open some bubbly and it’s a party. 

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