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Our top four for the Fourth

Posted July 3, 2014 by Vicki.

It’s almost Independence Day . . . do you know what’s on your picnic table? The Fourth screams hot dogs, burgers and beer. But why not add something a little more revolutionary to the table? Here are our four picks for your best Fourth of July gathering yet.

TO POUR: For this hot holiday, you want something versatile and easy to drink. Gnarly Head is a crowd-pleaser and holds its own with anything you’re grilling. Grab a few varieties so there’s something for everyone.

TO SPREAD: Inglehoffer Mustard takes any grill entrée to the next level. Go with the classic Stone Ground Mustard, or try a little something different, like Inglehoffer’s Creamy Dill, Sweet Hot Mustard or Hot Dijon. Conversation starters, we promise.

TO GRILL: You’ll win over die-hard burger fans and health nuts alike with Butterball turkey burgers. They’re juicy, full of flavor and all-American for Independence Day. Even rookie grillers will look good with turkey burgers on the menu.

TO DIP: Who says salsa isn’t American? Mrs. Renfro’s has been making salsa and queso for 70+ years . . . right here in the U S of A. We love peach salsa, black bean salsa and habanero. And if you like serious spice, there’s always Mrs. Renfro's ghost pepper salsa!

Happy Independence Day, from your friends at Dovetail! Cheers to a fantastic Fourth.

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