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Rekindling the Brand Romance

Posted June 4, 2014 by Vicki.

Creativity can be a huge advantage in the dating game, both in the brand world and our love lives. For example: would you rather your first date be at a chain restaurant, or at an up-and-coming, trendy eatery? Exactly.

Stepping outside the comfort zone of partnerships is a challenge for many clients. Wines want cheese and crackers for entertaining, beef or poultry for grilling, ham for Easter, etc. Food and house-ware clients can be equally skittish. Tried-and-true connections, sure. But just like in dating, brands need to step outside the dating rut to show consumers new connections. Rekindling the romance, you might say.

One key to Dovetail’s success is our ability to get clients outside that comfort zone. The end result is usually a pleasant surprise for all involved: client, partner, retailer and consumer.

Some unexpected-but-amazing examples:

  • Ruffino® Prosecco is a delightful, refreshing Italian sparkling wine, perfect for summer. Constellation Brands was seeking the ideal partner for mixology magic. Enter Izze® soft drinks. Slightly carbonated, Izze comes in fun flavors like Clementine and Pomegranate. Izze, no stranger to mixology, was ready and willing. Anyone can throw OJ into a glass of bubbly and call it a Mimosa. But with Izze Sparkling Clementine and a twist of tangerine garnish? We're talking MiMOREsa! (And keep an eye out at the grocery store: you might see coupons on bottles of Ruffino, with discounts on Izze plus great cocktail recipes.)

  • Summer grilling is a big theme for partnerships. Butterball® was looking for the right partner to share a national FSI (that's Free-Standing Insert, for those outside the biz) with a grilling theme. It’s tempting to go with the usual: a condiment, or maybe charcoal? But what do we REALLY want on a hot day by the grill? Something nice and cold. The solution: Edward’s Key Lime Pie®. Freezer-cold, refreshing, and since the burger recipe calls for turkey, the extra calories were definitely allowed. Chalk up another win for Butterball Turketarians.
  • Chips and salsa is a classic pairing, but why not think outside the salsa jar?  When choosing brands to team, we love both emerging brands and old favorites. Client Rex Goliath® already had Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa® in the bag (or jar). Tortilla chips were a safe bet, but we knew the versatile and innovative Flatout Flatbread® had more to offer. Consumers found more options with their recipes, and on the coupons we offered a recipe that delivered a new twist on the tortilla chip

The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to get out of that partnership rut and try something different. Taste a new brand. And if it's a match with yours? Don't be afraid to ask for that first date. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. 


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