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Texas Strong

Posted June 22, 2015 by Vicki.

Ah, Texas. Unique in so many ways! We won’t start a firestorm by debating the state’s more unique proclivities, but there is one trait that’s near and dear to our hearts. That’s Texas’ unique take on what alcohol brands can and can’t do in grocery stores — and here’s why that’s good for you (and us).

In most states, you can walk into a grocry store, grab a bottle of wine or a 12-pack of beer, pull the coupon and “Save $1 on beer when you buy Charlie's Chips." But not in the Lone Star state! Texas grocery stores can’t require an alcohol purchase to get a discount. And any coupon must be redeemed by the partner, NOT the alcohol. In other words, the pour needs a partner (or a pardner in this case); a brand that has the teensy little budget needed to cover redemption, as that’s the ONLY way alcohol can do the two-step in Texas.

Who cares? We’re hollerin’ at you brands out there with Texas-strong ACV. Let’s pardner up! There’s a wine or beer just pining to show you off in grocery, and we’re just the agency to match you up.

Here’s how it works. We call you and say “Hey, isn’t your brand sold in HEB, Tom Thumb, Randall’s and Central Market?” You say, “Why, sure!” We say, “Want to get some Texas-sized out-of-aisle visibility for very few dollars?” You say “Sign me up, y’all!”

It’s that easy. We should know, as already this year we have put two brands in Texas with beer. That’s two brands with a whole lot more giddy-up in their Texas sales.

So what’s next? Shoot a quick note to Tell us you’re Texas Strong and ready to cut a cross-merch partner out of the herd. We’ll make it happen.

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