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Winning with Wine

Posted June 18, 2014 by Vicki.

Establishing a cross-merchandising program in stores is pretty simple for most brands.

1. Find a like-minded partner.

2. Come up with a theme and mock it up.

3. Order the coupon codes, and off you go.

We’ve done plenty of these, and they’re really fun.

Wine partnerships are good news for brands looking for a lift. When you team with a wine, the wine does most of the work and pays most of the cost, so it's little effort and high returns for partner brands.

Not so easy for wine, though. (Or beer. Or any alcoholic beverage.) A confusing array of state liquor laws limit if, and how, they can team with a partner in stores. In some states, grocery stores can carry no alcoholic beverages. In others, stores can sell beer, but not wine or liquor. If wine is sold in grocery stores, some states allow IRCs — that’s instant redeemable coupons, if you’re curious. Some don’t. Some allow wine-purchase required IRCs, while others limit the discount to the partner brand. Then there are the states that allow only mail-in rebates (MIRs). The landscape can be confusing . . . but navigating it all is what we do well.  

Enter Dovetail. Finding partners is tough. Brand people move around a lot. Keeping track of them is a full-time job. Once you find them, you are pulling their attention away from new product launches, ad campaigns, budgets, and other priorities. But we know the benefits of a liquor partnership, and we can explain it fast. And we coordinate everything, taking work off both partners’ plates.

Teaming with a wine or beer has great benefits for any brand:

  • Visibility in one or more new aisles in the store. Options include free-standing case displays and neck-hanger coupons on the wine bottles.
  • Low cost, low effort and high return. A brand and sales lift is a given.
  • Extensions are easy. Add sampling, text-to-win and Sweepstakes offers, then load up all partners’ social media sites with recipes, and you’ve got a fully loaded program.

So next time Dovetail calls, know why we’re ringing. It’s not just a hookup, but the start of a great relationship. We’re calling on behalf of a great partner, offering you a quick, easy way to grow your brand.

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