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Bic Lighters + Mark West

The challenge

Mark West came to Dovetail looking for a fiery partnership, with an outdoor fire-pit theme in mind. At Mark West, it’s all about the Pinot Noir — that’s their wine and they do it well. So we got started on pairing this manly wine with the right match for nights around a bonfire.

The solution

Mark West’s rich Pinot Noir called for an equally bold partner. We stepped outside the food market and delivered a hot cross-promo with Bic’s multi-purpose lighters. The national promotion included wine neckers and full easy-to-build displays, so both brands gained hot exposure.

The results

The fire pit theme took off, with shoppers and retailers both digging the promo. Bic got visibility outside its typical store location. And shoppers planning a night around the fire pit grabbed a Pinot Noir that can stand up to the heat. Suffice it to say, sparks just flew.

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