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Cellar 8 + Inglehoffer + the Pork Board

The challenge

Cellar 8 wines are rich, robust and luscious — and, given the consumer trend towards big, bold flavors, Cellar 8 knew it was time to take the spotlight. We at Dovetail got to work building a bold promo to feature the wine alongside other bold elements.

The solution

We capitalized on the bold flavor trend by pairing Cellar 8 with Inglehoffer, a unique and flavor-forward condiment. And to further build the partnership, we got the Pork Board in on the promo — what was once “the other white meat” is now a consumer favorite! The promotion featured special discounts, as well as recipe suggestions like delicious Pork Sliders.

The results

Shoppers took advantage of the savings and built memorable meals around the promo, and learned new ways to enjoy some old favorites. Nothing like a glass of Cellar 8 alongside a bold pork dish! Retailers were pretty happy too, with higher basket rings across the board. All three partners saw added visibility and bold in-store attention.

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