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Chateau St. Jean + Litehouse Opa! Dressings

The challenge

Chateau St. Jean wines are known for their versatility — they’re just as delightful at a backyard barbecue as they are at a cocktail party. So when Chateau St. Jean approached Dovetail seeking an equally versatile dip, we got to work identifying a healthy, fun and delicious partner.

The solution

Litehouse Foods has a full line of delicious dressings, dips and other ingredients. New to their family of products — and perfect for Chateau St. John! — was Greek yogurt-based Opa! dressings and dips. The dressings and dips sure play well with others: Opa! products are right at home on a classic crudite platter, in a sandwich or wrap, or even drizzled on tacos.

The results

Chateau St. Jean and Opa! dips and dressings both got the added in-store visibility they were hoping for. The Greek yogurt element grabbed the attention of trendy and health-conscious consumers. Hosts and hostesses snagged an extra bottle of wine and an extra bottle of dressing for a versatile spread. And retailers were happy too, with higher basket rings to boost. Now that’s cause for celebration . . . Opa!

Opa! Brand pairing time.

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