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Clos du Bois Easter - Hormel and Dole

The challenge

Clos du Bois is a great go-to wine, a real classic. For Easter and other spring entertaining, Clos du Bois came to Dovetail wanting to partner with brands that are just as iconic for big visibility around the big holiday.

The solution

Dovetail brought in Hormel Cure 81 Ham, as well as the gotta-have-it Dole Canned Pineapple. Clos du Bois gave shoppers new ideas with a recipe for a classic baked ham. For the appetizer, we pulled in two more classics: Alouette and Chavrie cheeses. Leftovers? We thought of that too! King’s Hawaiian + Cure 81 Ham = One fantastic sandwich. To top it off, Clos du Bois shared four sandwich recipes, one to go with each cheese varietal.

The results

Retailers had plenty of flexibility in how and where to feature the brands, with free-standing displays in and out of the refrigerated areas. Retailers were hopping with higher basket rings, and consumers loved the holiday savings plus the new ideas. Iconic holiday, iconic brands, iconic results.

Iconic brands? Big exposure? You know you want in.

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