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Food Should Taste Good & Dreaming Tree Wine

The challenge

The Dreaming Tree Wine is a joint endeavor created by co-conspirators Dave Matthews (yes, THE Dave Matthews of Dave Matthews Band) and Sean McKenzie, both who deeply care for the environment. They came to Dovetail looking for a healthy snack partner. And not just any good-for-you snack would do; they were craving a brand with an equally strong commitment to sustainability.

The solution

We matched Dreaming Tree with the crunchy and nutritious snacks of Food Should Taste Good. At face value, it was a match made in heaven: salty snack meets smooth wine. But the real chemistry happened because of those strong brand values. Not only are the Dreaming Tree and Food Should Taste Good unified by their stellar taste, they’re joined by their hearts for leaving this world a little better than they found it. Both are committed to sustainability and to creating natural, organic deliciousness. 

The results

The promotion included in-store displays and wine bottle necker coupons offering savings on Food Should Taste Good. Together, both brands saw great exposure and heightened sales. Dovetail’s perfect pairing allowed consumers to easily follow Dave Matthew’s instructions from his popular song Tripping Billies when he sings, "Eat, drink and be merry!”

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