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Lindeman’s Grilling

The challenge

Nothing says summer like a meal on the grill. Lindeman’s wines had summer nights on the mind when they came to Dovetail for help fleshing out a healthy summer grilling cross-promo, featuring tasty ingredients that wouldn’t kill the beach bod. Lindeman’s brought fresh Sunkist citrus to the table, and we got to work finding a protein for the party.

The solution

Dovetail to the rescue — we delivered a bigger-and-better promo with the addition of Wild American Shrimp. Healthy skewers on the grill completed the well-rounded promo included wine bottle neckers holding numerous coupons.

The results

Shoppers got all fired up, picking up everything they needed for a delicious and healthy meal on the grill (and with great savings to boot). Retailers felt the summer lovin’ too: high coupon redemption led to higher basket rings. And all brands got healthy exposure in front of their target customers.

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