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Mission & Corona Partner Up to Party

The challenge

You can’t have Cinco de Mayo without tortillas and tortilla chips. It’s literally the fiesta foundation. So when Corona Beer asked for the perfect Cinco partner, we knew we had to find a partner just as iconic. Enter Mission Tortillas & Tortilla Chips.

The solution

Mission jumped in with both “feet” (tortillas and chips) with the quintessential beer Corona, and sparks flew. In-store shoppers snagged $1 off their purchase of Mission tortillas or tortilla chips. And those who snagged mail-in rebates received $5 off their purchase. The partnership garnered those crucial and coveted in-store displays, so the Cinco de Mayo partnership got plenty of attention.

The results

No Cinco de Mayo table is complete without Mission tortillas, chips and Corona beer. It takes two, baby — and the revenue proved it. Shoppers cashed in on the offer with bigger basket rings, enjoying the discounts and picking up everything they needed for the best fiesta yet.

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Olé, baby. Let’s get this fiesta started >>