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Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa + Gnarly Head for the Big Game

The challenge

Gnarly Head came to Dovetail looking for added visibility around the Big Game. We knew the bold wine called for an equally bold partner, and Gnarly Head’s rich flavors could stand up to the challenge. So we started the search for a worthy teammate.

The solution

Mrs. Renfro’s may be best known for their salsas, but the line also includes other sauces. Extensive SKUs give the brand extensive shelf display, making it a great partner for Gnarly Head. And Gnarly Head is a wine that can stand up to the spice and big flavor of Mrs. Renfro’s, making it a great fit for the game day spread.

The results

Featured in grocery and mass merchandisers, the large-scale promo led to a season full of great game days. Both brands got plenty of in-store attention and big brand awareness. The promo went so well, in fact, that the brands decided to partner up for a second round. Now that’s what we call a Big Game!