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Rufus Teague + Rodney Strong

The challenge

Rufus Teague may be a smaller barbecue sauce brand, but it’s a standout when it comes to flavor. From chicken to ribs to fish (and even on a spoon, we won’t judge), the Kansas City-style barbecue sauce goes well on everything -- but it was a well-kept secret. The sauce had never tried a wine partnership before and came to Dovetail looking for a pairing that would offer great exposure to new audiences.

The solution

At Dovetail, part of our strategy is identifying up-and-coming brands who may be small now, but we think will become iconic — and Rufus Teague sure fit the bill. We designed a cross-promo with Rodney Strong wines, which are big, bold, and perfect with barbecue (Zinfandel and Malbec, we’re looking at you). Dovetail also helped out coupon-newbie Rufus Teague by acting as their coupon clearinghouse, helping generate and report on IRC and mail-in redemptions.

The results

Thanks to Dovetail, both Rodney Strong and Rufus Teague got visibility in front of new shoppers. New market awareness plus big brand attention equaled results for retailers, who always cheer a higher basket ring. The promotion even went digital with social media buzz.

Sweet partnerships, spicy results.

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