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Tabasco + Modelo Cinco de Mayo

The challenge

The iconic Modelo Especial came to Dovetail looking for a fellow classic for a Cinco de Mayo partnership. We knew an authentic beer like Modelo called for an equally iconic Hispanic brand for the big celebration.

The solution

For Modelo’s perfect partner, we went after a hot sauce with strong brand awareness and identity: Tabasco. Not only did Dovetail capitalize on consumer trends, we also got laser-focused on the right region for the promo. The partnership went live across stores in California, Arizona, Texas and Nevada — states where we knew it would be a big hit.

The results

Making the most of the consumer trend, plus targeting the right parts of the country, made for an unforgettable Cinco de Mayo. Consumers picked up bottles of Modelo and bottles of Tabasco, and savvy retailers saw higher basket rings. Two quintessential Cinco de Mayo brands led to ultimate success.

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