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Tailgating with Rex Goliath + Johnsonville

The challenge

Many tailgaters reach for a cold beer before the big game. But wine deserves a place on the tailgate table too. So when Rex Goliath wine came to us wanting a boost during tailgating season, we were game. We looked to a tailgate classic for a great game day promo.

The solution

We paired tailgate regular Rex Goliath with Johnsonville for a national cross-merch promotion, and shoppers grabbed brats and a bottle of wine to save $1. And after shoppers snagged their savings at the register, Rex Goliath drinkers could enter a sweepstakes to win The Ultimate Big Game Experience with a dream trip to see their favorite NFL team through the website provided on their coupon.

The results

Not only the savings, but the sweepstakes incentive as well, made Rex Goliath and Johnsonville the perfect pair. Rex Goliath and Johnsonville had tailgaters covered for the game, with a great roundup of red and white wines, spicy sausages and seasoned grillers. Retailers scored a touchdown with higher basket rings. Plus, the sweepstakes gave the promo plenty of buzz. Putting an unexpected drink alongside a traditional classic spelled victory for everyone.

Is your brand looking to score big?

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