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Woodbridge Holiday In-Store

The challenge

There’s no meal more complete than the big Thanksgiving feast, and no turkey more recognizable than Butterball.  After a solid partnership performance in 2012, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and partner Butterball talked turkey, looking to make 2013’s  Thanksgiving promo bigger than ever.

The solution

Dovetail helped extend the partnership with more cross-promotion than ever. To the holiday meal we invited Spice Islands to feature their holiday spice kits, such as turkey brining and hot apple cider spice collections (for the tastiest turkeys). We also added Schwan’s and Edwards pies for a delicious grand finale. The promo included in-store displays, shippers, the works.

The results

Redemption was multiples higher than the average wine program, which gave all brands much to be thankful for. Shoppers could fill their baskets with everything they needed for Turkey Day. Free-standing displays throughout stores led to top-notch basket rings for retailers, and this Thanksgiving partnership was the record-setter. So strong, in fact, that it has run every year since!

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