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What We Do

Brands come to Dovetail to find partners for cross-merchandising/tie-in partnerships that are usually enhanced with shared advertising and reciprocal social media. The result is greater visibility and sales while saving costs.

Dovetail will:

  • Source out, screen, and secure suitable partner to participate in a given promotion
  • Negotiate the details with partner, draft/modify as necessary a Joint Promotion Agreement (JPA), and facilitate requested changes/redlines in said JPA.
  • Provide client and partner a fully executed JPA.
  • Coordinate the exchange of partner information and assets – including logos, product shots, legal language, offer language, IRC codes, and mail-in rebate data.
  • Manage to client timelines the exchange, review, and approval of all point-of-sale materials.
  • Coordinate joint outreach to key retailers to enhance sell in.
  • Coordinate program extensions such as social/digital media, tasting programs, etc.
  • Deliver partner redemption results to client if partner agrees to release.